Three seasons I am talking about the three changes of the earth.Out of which one is summer, two rainy and three winter.First is summer, then monsoon and then winter,This repeat is going on.Accordingly, nature also changes.Some people say rainy season is better in summer but winter season is better in rainy season and some people say summer season is better in cold season.Humans want some Small cold, heat and rain every day,But this is not good for natural.To bring about many changes in nature, the weather conditions must be changing.Some countries are very hot in summer, while others are less hot.During the rainy season, some countries have more rainfall while other countries have less rainfall.During the winter season, some countries experience more snow and colder weather, while other countries experience less cold.During this period, many changes in climate occur.It is not good for humans, other living creatures and the environment. Summer At this time you




Your life ends with death.Death is a truth, and that truth cannot be erased.You can hide from other people and disguise yourself,But you can not escape death.Death comes to humans in many ways.There are those in this world go to their own death.


Have you noticed some people?,They make a lot of money and keep that money unspent.Think about it, when you die you will not take away what you have earned.Make money in life but do not stay away from the pleasures of the earth and the things that make life better.If you do good, you will get the result.An example of this is the increasing number of people who come to see you when you are dead and the good deeds you do will never leave the minds of the people even if you leave the earth and people will say good things about you and pray for you.

       Humans die in many ways.People who die in car accidents, people who die of diseases, people who die in natural disasters, people who commit suicide etc.Suicide is the act of killing one's own life.You should never commit suicide.Enjoy life until death comes to you without going back to death, do good things in life and make your good memories in others.One life only.

        At least one vehicle there will be in every home during this period.Because in the past people walked as far as they could but today's generation can't.Therefore, the number of road accidents is increasing during this period.Be careful not to drive too fast.Do not lose someone else's life because of you.There will be a lot of people who depend on that person and it should not end because of you.

Number of deaths by causes,world

  1. Cardiovascular diseases
  2. Cancers
  3. Respiratory diseases
  4. Digestive diseases
  5. Lower respiratory infections
  6. Neonatal disorders 
  7. Dementia
  8. Diabetes
  9. Diarrhea L diseases
  10. Liver diseases
  11. Kidney disease
  12. Road injuries
  13. Tuberculosis
  14. HIV / AIDS
  15. Suicide
  16. Malaria
  17. Homicide
  18. Parkinson's disease 
  19. Nutritional deficiencies 
  20. Drowning
  21. Meningitis
  22. Protein - energy malnutrition
  23. Maternal disorders
  24. Alcohol use disorders 
  25. Drug use disorders
  26. Fire
  27. Hepatitis
  28. Poisonings
  29. Conflict
  30. Heat ( hot and cold exposure)
  31. Natural disasters

No one in the world can prevent death.  So move on to the goal of life until death strikes you and make good dreams come true.


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