Three seasons I am talking about the three changes of the earth.Out of which one is summer, two rainy and three winter.First is summer, then monsoon and then winter,This repeat is going on.Accordingly, nature also changes.Some people say rainy season is better in summer but winter season is better in rainy season and some people say summer season is better in cold season.Humans want some Small cold, heat and rain every day,But this is not good for natural.To bring about many changes in nature, the weather conditions must be changing.Some countries are very hot in summer, while others are less hot.During the rainy season, some countries have more rainfall while other countries have less rainfall.During the winter season, some countries experience more snow and colder weather, while other countries experience less cold.During this period, many changes in climate occur.It is not good for humans, other living creatures and the environment. Summer At this time you



Online trading is one of the emerging jobs of this era.Lots of people are coming into online trading.If you have network support and money to invest in mobile, computer,
lack top and other electronic devices, try online trading.

When you go online trading, of course watch videos that will teach  more about online trading.When you first want to learn to ride a bike, first you learn about that bike, then start learning to ride a bike.The bike overturns many times while learning to ride the bike, but you ignore it and try again.  So you learn to ride a bike.This is similar to online trading.You lose money in the beginning and learn a lot from it so you become a successful online trader.
      I am telling you about Intraday trading and delivery trading in online trading.At first I invested money in intraday trading but what I had was more of a loss than a profit.Because a small mistake at that time is enough to cause a loss.But if you are a good online trader, you can also make price profit from intraday trading.What I got from intraday trading was overconfidence, tension and anger.Do not do intraday trading if you are a student.  This is because the trading hours of Intraday are from 9.15 to 3.15.In my opinion, delivery trading is better than intra day trading.Delivery trading is a long term investment.You only have to buy and sell if you want to make a profit.  But you should study the company of which company you are buying shares of and decide at what point you will make a profit if you buy shares.I made a profit rather than a loss by doing delivery trading.
The share value of a company is Rs100.  You buy 50 quantity shares for Rs.5000.If the share value of the company goes from 100 to 120, then your profit is 50 × 10 = 500.
If the share value of the company goes from 100 to 90, your loss is 50 × 10 = 500.
       In online trading, there are many people who fall behind due to losses rather than profits.Before going for online trading, learn about online trading well.Avoid greed for money.In online trading, there are many people who have changed from losses to profits.Every job has its own set of difficulties and risk.Without studying online trading well.You should never invest in online trading because you see others making a profit.
        Humans began to stay at home during the deadly virus called corona, so they learn about online trading when they think about what job they can do at home.So more and more people started coming to online trading.
      Chart Style
  1. Candle
  2. Bar
  3. Colored Bar
  4. Line
  5. Vertex Line
  6. Step. 
  7. Mountain
  8. Baseline
  9. Hollow Candle
  10. Volume Candle
  11. Colored HLC Bar. 
  12. Scatterplot
  13. Histogram 
  14. Heikin Ashi 
  15. Kagi 
  16. Line Break 
  17. Renko 
  18. Range Bars
  19. Point & Figure
      Most people use a candlestick chart.The candlestick chart has two bars, red and green.The top of the red bar is called the open price and the bottom is called the close price.The top of the green bar is called the close price and the bottom is called the open price.Each order is placed by understanding the movement of these two types of candlesticks.If the green candlestick moves forward, give the buy option.If the red candlestick moves forward, select the Sell option.

       Forex trading
Lots of people are getting into Forex trading
Simply put, Forex trading is the trading of currencies from different countries with each other.All transactions are done electronically.You can do Forex trading with Indian Rupees.For example, if you have selected Us dollar for trading then you need to deposit Indian rupees according to the current value of Us dollar.

     Best Worldwide Forex Brokers In 2021

   Broker and Best for
1.Pepperstone: Best Global Forex Broker Overall

2.FP Markets                   :Top ASIC Broker With MetaTrader 4 com               :Great CYSEC Broker With No Commissions
4.CMC Markets              :FCA Broker With Range Of Currency Pairs
5.TD Ameritrade.         :Best forex broker for U.S Traders
7.IG                                  :IIROC broker for Canadian Traders
6.Forex com                  :Best Broker For Beginners With DFSA Licence
8.Interactive Brokers:MAS Fx Broker And Stockbroker

9.FXTMT                        :Top FSC Broker With Highest Leverage

10.ThinkMarkets.       :Best FSCA Regulated Broker

        Unlike the stock exchange, the forex market is open 24/7 with currencies traded in every time zone, every five days of the week.
 If you want to be a good online trader, you should try to study it deeply. Daily try to know the market things in the countries. You can know these things through your mobile, you should use it to the maximum.


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