Three seasons I am talking about the three changes of the earth.Out of which one is summer, two rainy and three winter.First is summer, then monsoon and then winter,This repeat is going on.Accordingly, nature also changes.Some people say rainy season is better in summer but winter season is better in rainy season and some people say summer season is better in cold season.Humans want some Small cold, heat and rain every day,But this is not good for natural.To bring about many changes in nature, the weather conditions must be changing.Some countries are very hot in summer, while others are less hot.During the rainy season, some countries have more rainfall while other countries have less rainfall.During the winter season, some countries experience more snow and colder weather, while other countries experience less cold.During this period, many changes in climate occur.It is not good for humans, other living creatures and the environment. Summer At this time you

Life( games-english)


 efootball game

Have you played football game on mobile phone or have you played football game on computer?.Football lovers are those who enjoy watching and playing football, most of them play football games on mobile or computer.In reality, football means kicking the ball with the foot, but the football game played on mobile and computer is controlled and played by hand.I thought if I could control messi, ronaldo, neymer and many other players and play as I want.That's how I start playing Football game on mobile.I played a lot of football games but none of them were successful.That's how I came to know about the mobile football game Pes and started playing it.Pes football is still being played.But after 2022, Pes football will be known as efootball, and efootball has brought many positive changes.I have been playing offline Pes football since 2012. So after 2017, Pes football has changed from offline to online.A lot of people started playing Pes game because it is online and because of the originality of some good players.

Online pes game

It was known as Pes game until 2021. With the advent of Pes Online, many people started playing this game.If you have 3,4gb ram it would be possible to play well. Due to being online, two people can play together.

efootball game

Many things have changed since e-football came into being.  It has brought many good features.  It is not possible to play on a mobile with 3gb ram, you can play if you have minimum 4gb ram.


  • New App icon came
  • New title Screen came
  • Graphic settings
          Graphics:hight,standard,low and         lowest(prioritize playability)

          Frame rate: 60,30,20 and 15 FPS

  • New pack opening animation
  • New player cards and players
         Five Star instead of black ball

         Four Star instead of gold ball

         Three Star instead of silver ball

  • squad management
         Team play style: possession game,     quick counter,long ball counter,out wide   and long ball.

         Change formation: There are fifteen

  • player training and contracts
         Training: you can improve a player's can improve a player's team   plays tyler proficiency.

         Contracts: Duration of contract 360   days and legendary cards 60 days.

  • new skill and celebration

Valorent game

Valorant is my favourite computer game I have ever seen But I have never played this game.I understand velorent game more when gaming YouTubes play velorent game in their live and talk about that game.Many people are playing this game in the world.If you are interested in playing games and have a computer, definitely try playing Valorent.In the past, computers were bought for doing many different things, but in this era, the number of people buying good computers for playing games is increasing.velorent game is a different way of playing.In the past Valorent game did not have much value but in this era Valorent game is growing.Many good competitive tournaments of valorant game are going on.In shooting game, pubg is the hero in mobile and valorent is the hero in pc.

Most people who play valorent are good hard workers.For every valorent rank, they get a value and they keep trying to reach a big rank.

     Note these things if you are playing valorent for the first time

First of all don't watch other big valorent players game play.Because he is playing so well because he has valuable experience and hard work in that game.You learn about valorent game and understand each and every thing about it.Listen to good game advice from others and avoid bad words.

Try to talk in the game.Your teammates should behave well, encourage and respect their play.Use the training section of the game in good faith.Always try to shoot  heard connect.If you have valorent game experience then only try to bring the playing methods of other big valorent players to you.

        Valorent is a first person shooter.  Developed and published by Riot gaming for Microsoft Windows.Officially released on 2nd June 2020.valorent is mode multiplayer video game.Genre is Shooter video game.  What makes valorent different from other shooting games is that there are 18 agents in velorent.Each agent has various utilities.Play 5v5 on velorent.A person with only a good gun aim will not be able to stay in front of the enemy in compatative Velorent.Because you need to know how to use agents utilities in a good way.gun aim agents utilities If you know these two, you can become a big player in velorent.It has various types of maps.  You should learn more about each map because you need to know the Positions where the enemy is always hiding.You will get this knowledge the more times you play valorent game.Two teams will play in this, first one team will defend and the other team will attack.The job of attacks is to clear the site and plant the spike.The job of the defends is to not allow them to spike plant without giving up the site.Also, if you enter the attack site and plant a spike, defends should try to defuse that spike.There is a certain time for all this and things must be done within that time.Various types of guns skins are available in it.

Four types of characters in Valorant





types of agents







Kay / 0












types of maps







GTA game

gta game is a game that has surprised the world.  Many people play this game.Many people have played gta one two three mobile but gta four five cannot be played on mobile.

online gta five I have seen others playing on computer.You can do many things in gta game that you cannot do in real life.Many people started playing gta five game after server development.Its is that the server owner can include many features in gta game.You can control this game yourself.

You can decide how many people want to play on the server.But there is a need for money to develop a server in gta five.

       Grand theft auto is an action-adventure video game developed by DMA design and published by BGM interactive.It was released on 28 November 1997. Its platforms are ms-dos, Microsoft Windows, playstation and game boy color.


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