Three seasons I am talking about the three changes of the earth.Out of which one is summer, two rainy and three winter.First is summer, then monsoon and then winter,This repeat is going on.Accordingly, nature also changes.Some people say rainy season is better in summer but winter season is better in rainy season and some people say summer season is better in cold season.Humans want some Small cold, heat and rain every day,But this is not good for natural.To bring about many changes in nature, the weather conditions must be changing.Some countries are very hot in summer, while others are less hot.During the rainy season, some countries have more rainfall while other countries have less rainfall.During the winter season, some countries experience more snow and colder weather, while other countries experience less cold.During this period, many changes in climate occur.It is not good for humans, other living creatures and the environment. Summer At this time you




Money is the sharpest power of man. We can achieve many things with money. Humans are running to make money.Some are begging others for money.The influence of money to raise a house and grow a country is immense.There are people who avoid love relationships and kill their own relatives for money,There are cheats.People who make money in the wrong way are more in this period.The value of money varies in different countries.Earning money is not enough, because when you die, you don't take any of your earned money with you.So spend the money good Way, you try to make good happiness with the money and see the beautiful sights of other lands.A person with money and a person without money live differently.Because life needs money to move forward.He who has no money begs for money from him who has.A person who has no money knows the value of money very well.But some of those who have money help others, some do not understand the value of money and live a life of richest without helping others.Some have the mindset of making money and getting rich.They spend money in a frugal manner.There are people among you who do not want money but live for other good things.

        Money is man's sharpest weapon

Because with money can  many good and bad things. Money will always have an advantage anywhere.Think about it, money really determines the level of a person.For example, levels like poor, ordinary , richest People.poor mans asks money from others. Beggars belong to them. You will find them.You can see beggars on the road and other places.Slim body and torn dress, a bag and a newspaper will be made in their hand.They beg others for money.10 rupees may not be of any value to you, but give that 10 rupees to the person sitting on the street for a simple meal, then you will know what the value of those 10 rupees is.

        Money and poverty keep coming into the hands of common people.Sometimes comes more money and sometimes comes more poverty.He keeps trying to increase the money coming in and eliminate Poverty with money.He sometimes begs others for money because there is no other way.Many of them place more importance on happiness.So they spend money on happiness.Happiness is for essential and good things.

        He becomes the richest in the situation where money accumulates without poverty.

He will acquire many things that can be obtained with money.His pride is always guarded by money.He is running after money.  He tries to build an empire with money.

       There are people who make money in two ways.  

One in a good way and two in a bad way.Good money makers know the value of money.  They spend only as much as they need.If they spend more it will be for profit and to help the poor.Because they know the hardships of making money by working hard.

Their money will always smell of hard work.Many of those who make good money help the poor.The reason is to grow the business, to move forward without problems in the society and to be known But some others help the poor other than to grow their business.

        Have you seen people making money through mistakes?.If you make money through mistakes, the money itself can sometimes become your enemy or else the money will not stay in your hands.Examble for black money,Extortion by fraud,steal etc.You can see people making money from these mistakes in your area.

    Internet is the area where people are mostly cheated in this era.

They extort money from you because of your mistake or carelessness.The bad hacker is trying to learn about you.Social media is used by many people during this period.Because of that, you will be active in one or two social media.A bad hacker looks at which social media you are active on and from that they take your maximum details.This way you have a higher chance of getting cheated.Have you heard of OTP?  There have been major issues with OTP.An OTP Message will come to your mobile.Then the bad hacker calls you on mobile, claiming to be the staff of the bank.Then they ask you to provide the OTP.If you enter OTP they withdraw money from your account.So don't share the OTP to people who don't know it.You go directly to the bank and do things.Now everything is internet connection.So you always do things carefully.

     Have you noticed some love relationships?.

They will make you around when you have more money in your hand But when you don't have money, they stay away from you.Stay away from these types of relationships.

        Some relationships are worth more than money.

You may not always have money in your hand but these few relationships will always be with you.When there is no money they become a shadow. They don't want your money but they want your happiness.


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