Three seasons I am talking about the three changes of the earth.Out of which one is summer, two rainy and three winter.First is summer, then monsoon and then winter,This repeat is going on.Accordingly, nature also changes.Some people say rainy season is better in summer but winter season is better in rainy season and some people say summer season is better in cold season.Humans want some Small cold, heat and rain every day,But this is not good for natural.To bring about many changes in nature, the weather conditions must be changing.Some countries are very hot in summer, while others are less hot.During the rainy season, some countries have more rainfall while other countries have less rainfall.During the winter season, some countries experience more snow and colder weather, while other countries experience less cold.During this period, many changes in climate occur.It is not good for humans, other living creatures and the environment. Summer At this time you




Earth belongs not only to humans, but also to animals.Human and animal habitats are different.Animals live in forests.But many forests are disappearing during this period.If animals could talk like humans and be as intelligent as humans, you could see a battle for survival between humans and animals.Many forests that were claimed by animals have been brought under control by man.Many kinds of animals live on earth,They are of different natures, different shapes, different sizes and weights.Animals that hunt and kill and eat animals, animals that eat wild plants, fruits and other result.Humans are one species but animals include many species.In the past there were many animals but in this period the number of animals is decreasing.In the past, humans used to hunt animals only for food, but in this era, not only for food, but also for making and selling many products using animal skins, horns, etc.Every animal has a different way of hunting its prey.Now some forests are protected.  There are also forests in the world that are not allowed to humans.


The lion is the king of the jungle.Because of their attitude,not afraid of other animals.Lions see all animals as prey.Lions eat only after killing a hunted animal.Lions live as families.In this family more than one female lions and one or more male lions will be formed.If there is more than one male lion in the family, the strongest lion will be the king of the family.These family lions have territories in the forest.If another male lion comes to a family lion's territory and roars, there will be a big battle.A fight is made between the male lions in the family and the lion that came to the territory.In this fight, if the lion that came to the territory defeats the male lion of the other family,The winning lion becomes the king of the family and preys on the family's cubs.Due to living as a family, if the lions get diseases, big wounds or bruises, the other lions in the family will help in a good way.A male lion has a lot of long hair around his head.A lion's head is protected by long hair around it, just as a helmet protects your head.


The tiger is not the king of the jungle but tigers can fight and defeat the king of the jungle, the lion.Tigers do not live in families, they live alone.When comparing the head of a lion and the head of a tiger, the head of the tiger is larger in size But when you see the size you think it is more like a male lion's head,This is because the male lion has big hair around his head.Short and long black stripes are seen on the tiger's body.Male and female tigers can be seen together only during mating season.Because tigers do not live as a family, if they are unable to hunt and catch their prey, or if they get sick or bruised, the tiger does not get food and sometimes dies.What happens when a lion meets a tiger by chance, the lion sees the tiger as prey but the tiger tries to get away,Because the tiger is not an animal that lives as a family, if major injuries occur, the life of the future is sometimes lost.If the tiger sees the lion as prey, then it will make a big fight.80% success rate for tigers, 20% success rate for lions.Because tigers weigh more than lions,Tigers are slightly larger than lions,Tigers have the ability to fight with two legs.Tiger is an endangered animal.Tiger is the national animal of India.


The elephant is not the king of the jungle but the elephant can scare the lion who is the king of the jungle,But elephants are afraid of lions.Elephant is the largest land animal But the blue whale is the largest animal in the world.Elephant belongs to plant book.Elephants have black body, four long and wide legs, great weight and length, long trunk, large ears and two white pointed tusks.An elephant is an animal without fingers.Elephants do not know that elephants are actually bigger and stronger than other animals.Perhaps the king of the jungle would be an elephant if only he knew.Elephants are most afraid of tigers.If the elephant hears the sound of the tiger, it will get scared and move away.There are many among us who tame and breed elephants.Humans trap and kill many elephants for their tusks But if are seen doing this, will be punished.An elephant is a family animal.African elephants are stronger than other elephants.The taming of the African elephant is not very good.



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